Sexy Retro Polka Dot Two Piece Hipster Bikini Swimwear, LargeSo tomorrow makes one month that I’ve been on my HCG diet and I’ve only lost 10lbs. But I’ve lost 10lbs!!!!!!!! The diet promises at least a pound a day maybe more so to only lose 10 is a disappointment since I could have done that with normal diet and exercising. I feel as if the cheats I’ve done weren’t that big of a deal to set me back so much but hey you cheat you lose. What I am happy about is that my lifestyle has really changed, I’ve made better food choices, I’ve cut back on the amount of alcohol and juices I used to have and I don’t do fast/processed food anymore. Locally grown and home cooked for the win!

I made a video to document my progress….have a looksy

My point and shoot cam broke so those before and after pics are gonna have to wait a bit but they’re coming. I got my eye on a swimsuit my momma made for me several years ago that I still have not worn. Momma’s got a few beach parties lined up in a week and a half…won’t quite be beach bod ready but watch me strategically place a cover up hehe.


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