That Page is No Longer Here

This blog is over 10 years old! I was a different woman back then. Some things were definitely bad for airplay. Not to worry, I’ve grown and have much better tips to share with you. Check these out.

Putting My Best Foot Forward

I know something else brought you here but I’m hoping to interest you with one of these posts instead. Didn’t find any suitable replacement? Holla at me on Twitter or IG and let’s work it out. 🙂

5 Self Confidence Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem

5 Self Confidence Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem

How do you boost self-esteem in adults? Low self-confidence is something many of us walk around with and it affects our day to day lives. It's coming from our childhood but luckily you can improve your self-esteem little by little by following these self-confidence...

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