I wore a top out this past weekend that jogged some memories for me and so I decided to go hunt down those pictures. It’s a simple knit top with a high neck, but the knit is perfect for hiding bulges and flaws. We love a piece like that, don’t we ladies? Here’s the top:

Loved this outfit because it was all neutrals and subdued. My little round purse with a chain strap was the perfect accessory. 

Of course, anytime I’m snapping pics munchkin wants in on the action:

She was all bundled up for bed. The nights are a bit chilly these days and she’s never still enough to stay under the covers. Here’s the killer pic, this was about 7 years ago

LOL catch those nails and that hair X_X Catch me on the dancefloor with the shoulder bag! Thank heavens clutches and cross straps are now in huh? LOL

Oh chile girl… I’m sporting about 20 or 30 extra lbs in these pics too. I was so fly, couldn’t tell me nothing! I found another pic of me, first and only time I’ve ever worn extensions (other than box braids):

I miss those shoes!!! Confession? Those shoes were too small for my feet! But they were so cute, how could I leave them in the store? I painfully looked fabulous all night long. Didn’t take them off for a second no ma’am, that’s not cute! Hands up if you’ve ever bought painful shoes and wobbled around all night long. Women are cray…

I remember my date being mad at me for cutting the dress. It was knee length and I wasn’t trying to look all demure at this party. I shake my head at my young self. Oh to be in my twenties again…it seemed like just last month… 😀

Funny this dress is oxblood! I was on trend before it’s time. Anyway I just wanted to share a few crazy pics from the throwback days. Funny how a piece in our closet can stand the test of time, and some come right back around again several years later…do you have any pieces like that?



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