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I feel like I feature black and white on here a lot. Do I? Well… that’s not gonna change anytime soon. It works! Always looks so good especially when you add pops of colour here and there via your accessories. At the recent launch for Drinks on the Rock, the dress code was casually elegant and so I picked these two items from my closet to go together. I’ve actually worn them before with black strappy sandals but because I knew the event would have cameras abound, the red was very necessary with the black and white print.

black and white peplum

You’ve seen this Forever 21 skirt here before and I think I purchased the top locally. It’s old, I cant remember. The print on the skirt is classic, it will be in rotation all throughout summer. 




I took these pictures in the daytime to try and catch the natural light before I did my makeup and hair. I had washed my hair earlier and had it up like this to try and give it a bit of stretch. It’s e newest technique with my now medium length hair that still shrinks up into a cotton ball if I allow it to air dry all on it’s own. Like this.

wet hair vs natural dry hair

IT wasn’t quite dry yet. It still had a way to go. I like to wait until it’s about half dry and then pineapple it. This allows the edges to get the stretch I’m looking for while keeping the crown and back still shrunk. When I was ready to leave, it still looked a bit like this:



And when I got to my destination, since it was all nice and free now, the front stayed put since it was pretty much dry and the back curled right up into itself. Bam!


Curly fro blonde ends

Stretched in the front, shrunken in the back. I can’t tell you how much I love and am enjoying this stage of my hair. The only thing I’m itching to do is lighten it but I’m trying to wait until it gets closer to summer.

What do you think of the look?




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