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Hooray for cotton workwear that ain’t gotta be ironed! I stumbled upon some cheapie dresses on Amazon allaway from China that are slowly filling the gap Target left me with since I can’t order from them online and send to my freight forwarder. These China dresses all have bad reviews because people don’t like to read. They’re from China, which means they’re made for tiny people. They’re also averaging $15 a pop which means it ain’t got be Versace quality. Come on now. Order a size or two up and you have the perfect dress to take you through the season, maybe even more. This is my second dress and second blazer from the line and my cart is currently full of em

Corporate Wear

Here’s the link for the dress and here’s the link for the jacket. The shoes are from Payless and the bag Forever21. Cheapie outfit, million dollar smile.




 You know we need the mirror selfie to complete any post. You can see the difference here in my wet hair looking sad and limp vs my dry hair poofed up to fabulous wash and go perfection. We have to talk about hair in an upcoming post, I’m in love with the growth so far and you wouldn’t believe which product has surprisingly become my holy grail.

Are you feeling the dress? The other jacket is even awesomer and is coming at you in a different post!


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