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OOTD: Just a lil fancy

It’s not often that this island girl gets the opportunity to dress up in her finest heels and frock. So much so that I bought this dress about 6 months ago as a back-up for my Randy Fenoli event and it no longer fits how it should (more on that in a later post) and so I had to think quick to do some adjustments. I only knew about this event for about two months, but of course, waited until the night before to try it on. It was much too tight in the chest area and so what should have been a tube-dress with straps that X in the front, became a strapless dress with a mesh overlay. IrieDiva Fancy There was also a toss up of shoe choice, which shoe to wear? These are brand new and so I was itching to wear them but I do have black and gold pumps (featured here) that would have paired perfectly with this dress that would have allowed my pop of red to shine a little more and I also have red sandals (seen here) that would go well with the pop of red theme but listen honey, these shoes right here! They upstaged everything else and I really didn’t mind. I LOVE them SO! 20140415_191633(0)   I was quite pleased with how comfortable they were all night as well. It does help that I wasn’t on my feet all night dancing I guess. My outfit was well received and a good time was had by all that night. Except, this post makes me sad because I remember I cannot find my MAC Ruby Woo and so I had to settle for my Revlon lipstick here. I love my Revlon yes, but I had my little heart set on my MAC that night. Where oh where could it be…. 🙁 20140415_190837   20140415_191032 20140415_191635 20140415_191641   Do you love as much as I do?

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5 thoughts on “OOTD: Just a lil fancy

  1. Wait, so lemmi get this clear, what you are wearing was not the initial dress but a tube dress and you added an overlay of mesh fanciness?

    Jeez i wish i could think up things like this when it comes to fashion. If the clothes cant be worn for its intended use, i just wont wear it.

    Thats ingenuity.

    You look fab dahling!

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