OOTD: Pink Dress, Pink Hair



Bam! *flashes you the booty* I was really feeling my pink natural hair in these pictures and the dress ain’t half bad either so I thought I’d share. The front of the dress is really cute:

Pink Dress, Pink Natural Hair OOTD


Big cotton candy puffy type hair. Love it. Natural hair is just so versatile. I achieved this look with old stretched hair. Smoothed some leave-in right before I left out the door to give the front a bit of shine and softness.


I like kinky curly leave-in for this purpose. It’s a nice light water-based moisturiser perfect for adding a little moisture to dry, thirsty hair. Usually I’d spritz my hair with water first but I didn’t want to lose the slightly stretched texture here. Water would have caused shrinkage.



You can see the impact of the leave-in here. Nice juicy look under the flash of a pro camera. And all the grease on my face but alright. The dress I got on Amazon but I wouldn’t recommend it because the fit is off. The bottom of the dress is too tight and there’s no give. Makes walking, dancing, sitting quite awkward. But it’s cute so I didn’t mind the price. It was dumb cheap – made in China. No shade.



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