polka dot dress and blue suede shoes

OOTD: Polka dot dress and Blue Suede Shoes

I’ve had this polka dot dress for over two years now and have never worn it before this past weekend. When it was time for me to go to my yearly dinner with my college-mates, I finally decided to pull it from the back of the closet and make it work. The belt was the perfect addition

polka dot dress and blue suede shoes

There was also a purse to go with:



Inside “the Vault” at the Guilt located at Devon House, does it look like it’s worth the hefty price tag just to dine inside this exclusive room?

The Vault at Guilt


I prefered the al fresco but hey, no complaints. I had fish like last year and again it did not disappoint. If Colin Hylton at the Guilt knows nothing else, that man knows how to cook a fish!

Fish Filet at Guilt

A fabulous time with my dear friends as always. Did you go out during Restaurant Week? How’d you find your experience this year?

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