IrieDiva Rasta Dress

OOTD: Rasta Vibrations + Rihanna’s Barbie Cake Dress

Howdy do! I’ve got an outfit post for you today. This weekend marked the 70th anniversary of the birth of Reggae Legend Bob Marley and so I was feeling the Rasta vibrations. You know, I’ve had this dress for 4 or 5 years and I’ve never worn it before because I don’t have a flat belly silhouette in it. Well, I chucked my feelings the deuces and decided it was time.

IrieDiva Rasta Dress

I loved how I looked in it from the front so….win! It was perfect too because the night was a little chilly when I wore it out.


Twirling around in my bedroom before I put my makeup on trying to decide if I was gonna wear this dress. I had also planned to wear my hair out but I was loving how my puff to the side looked to I just slicked it back and headed out the door. #LoveMyNaturalHair

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So I missed the Grammys last night and will have to catch up on the performances but I couldn’t miss the million Rihanna memes on my Instagram timeline. She did kinda look like a cross between a pepto bottle and one of those Barbie cakes I had when I was a little girl.


It’s giggle worthy at most. And then the hair! Did they spend too much time fitting her into the dress that they didn’t have time to get to her hair?


Oh Rihanna. But you know what. I don’t hate it. No, I’m not crazy! But I think when you’re a superstar you need to be able to get tongues wagging and be memorable. That’s how you stay at the top. I mean, do you remember what Beyonce had on? That little black plunge dress won’t be making any statements anywhere. Check out some of Rihanna’s past Grammy looks.


The blue dress was absolutely tragic. I much prefer her Barbie cake dress to the blue. And she’s done glamourous and OMG LOOK AT RIHANNA SHE’S PERFECTION before. Like in 2013. This was perfection.


Breathtaking. So no. I’m not mad that she stepped out in something that has all the tongues wagging and inspired me to actually write a post. I think there’s a thin line between statement and tragic. Tragic is what Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga were once known for. ¬†And by the way they both looked amazing last night, hello! Tragic was Rihanna’s dress last year.


I dunno wtf that is. Bad hair, bad dress, just all around ew. So she’s pretty much done it all, kudos to her for keeping us talking. For continuing to find ways to keep our eyes glued to her. Slay Rihanna! That’s how you maintain your super-stardom.


What do you think of the dress? And are you feeling my Rasta Vibrations sweater dress?


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  1. Loving the Rasta Vibrations dress and you wear it so very well. I am a Rihanna fan and not the pink dress. She sure wore better on the street. . .LOL!