birthday fit 2013

OOTN: Birthday Behaviour

Happy birthday to meeeee! Yesterday (Nov 24) was my birthday and I celebrated all weekend long with my family and friends. Here’s what I wore! I got the idea after stepping in a store looking for a birthday fit and saw a mesh bodysuit that was $4000. (US$40) I was like…that ain’t worth that money when I know my momma can make that and off to the fabric store we went instead.

birthday fit 2013

A black circle skirt with gold polka dots with a black mesh top that had polkadots as well, accessorized with white and metal accents. My shoes were also a little dotty that night…

gold and black pumps

These shoes are haaawwwwtttttt I love them! So, you’re probably wondering about those beautiful curls cascading down the side of my face and what not. Yes dawlins, for my birthday I went all out and brought out the alter ego. I present to you…Druscilla

curly wig

So, I’ve never worn a wig before but I’ve been yearning to switch up my look a bit while my hair is growing out, hence the braids and now this wig. And I laaaaaaave this wig. The full fit:

black and gold birthday outfit

black and gold birthday outfit

black and gold birthday outfit

black and gold birthday outfit



I turned it up y’all. I brought out the DIVA in iriediva for this birthday and I felt like a hot steppa all night long, I sure did. What do you think of the look?

iriediva aka druscilla


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