Saturday night I ventured out to begin early celebrations of one of my bestie’s birthday. Went through my closet lamenting as we all do “what am I going to wear?!?!?!” I knew I wanted to wear some bright fun colours to play up my new pink hair but couldn’t come up with anything. So I went into the store and pulled out this cute peplum skirt… a size small. Yeah right Mo, you’re gonna squeeze yourself into a size small? Having noassatall has finally come through with a benefit… hehe

Finally got to wear my new colour-block shoes! So cutesy and so comfortable! Looooove them! Right, back to this size small skirt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a top that went well with it enough that truly showed off the peplum style. That’s what happens when you wait until the night of to decide what you’re gonna wear. So I went with this coral top that kinda doubled the peplum effect instead of showing off the skirt’s…

Do you love it??? Paired up the outfit with some gold-tone accessories and a dark blue clutch.


And of course my glorious coif of fluffy pink curls….

Happy birthday boobie



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