You know, sometimes I don’t like doing outfit posts until I’ve worn a piece and been pictured in it one too many times. Because best believe I am not a one wear girl, I get many uses outta my clothes! But I just got this top and I love it so much! I wore it last night and I was still cold because it’s got a cold shoulder plus it’s super light-weight. I love the rise and fall hem-line, so it looks as if I’m wearing a dress from the back whenever I wear it with super short shorts like I did here. Plus it’s polka-dots. I love polka-dots. 

Gold was not my first choice for accessories but when I found these earrings in a box hidden away that I bought many moons ago I thought it went perfectly and also satisfied my need for big earrings with my new short do. I was feeling myself.

My friendly neighbourhood ICI (informal commercial importer…hehehe) hooked me up. Go Minalas! My hair was feeling good too! I got a post on my favourite DIY deep treatment and some new oils I’m trying coming up.You feeling my ‘fit? Obligatory munchkin pic…no photoshoot ain’t happening without me mommy!


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