I’m still playing around with various different headbands and wraps and all kind of accessories as I feel as though my hair has already grown past a point of being cute on its own. I need to cut it in a better shape or something, but that’s not gonna happen so we’ll make do ’til it grows into a nice lil fro.

Anyhow I was looking for my lil orange headband I wore in this post and couldn’t find it so instead I grabbed this sash that came with a top to be worn as a belt and voila…all other accessories fell into place. Whatya think?

I so love my lil mustard loafers, so sad that they don’t love me back. They were poorly made and are already falling apart. πŸ™ I need more flats. They worked well with my outfit though.Β 

I was getting into position for my mini-shoot. πŸ˜€

Here’s another headband I fashioned out of my fabric bin. I made this one for my sister really, apparently I am now the go-to big chop barber cus she came over to my house like “just take it off, i can’t bother with it anymore” LOL She however is not as girly cutesy as I am and when I put it on her head she was like 😐

Isnt it cute?!?!? LOL maybe I am too girly, but I quite liked my lil eastern looking printed bow that day.

That’s the “I did it myself swag” πŸ™‚


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