Have you seen this video? I saw it over on Miss Gia’s blog and I see it currently making its rounds on FB. Some 15 year old decided to post a note on facebook lamenting on just how unfair life is that her parents make her do chores. You need to see it:


It’s quite the polarizing topic and while there are lots of cheers for him on his original facebook post, there are of course lots of opposing views. I wanted to go back and see what the friends of the daughter thought about it, but it has over 14000 comments and counting and I’ve got things to do. I do see a lot of people saying that he waited too long to try and curb the tree, he made the bed he’s laying in, things are way out of hand and its only now he’s trying to do something about it etc etc. I don’t know about all that. He said he’s grounded her before, we don’t know what else he’s done to try and get through to his daughter.

The only thing I disagree with in the video is the bullets. I was taken aback by it. Everyone expresses their anger differently, as a Jamaican if some of us ever tried anything like this with our parents we would get a severe assing. At least he didn’t beat her up. I remember being a teen and hating my own chores too. In fact, I remember the evil thoughts I had for my parents when they wouldn’t let “the cleaning lady” wash my clothes. I had to do that myself. As an adult we’re grateful for all the lessons our parents teach us, including simple things like being able to run our own household later in life. Cook our own food, iron our clothes, clean our house. We don’t get it as a teen but we’re grateful as an adult.

So how do you get through to your teenager when they want to rebel? I think in this day and age he did exactly the right thing. Facebook is not the place to air your dirty laundry and it’s good that he is teaching her this lesson early on in life. My generation grew up on facebook and oversharing and some of us could really use a lesson like this. Sometimes you have to hold a mirror up to someone’s face to let them see what they’re doing and I’m sure she’s mortified. Everybody has probably had some ill thoughts about their parents at some point but the note she put on FB was doing way too much and painted her as a brat. I can only hope she learned her lesson and doesn’t rebel even further. What do you think of his method?

P.S. Of course, now that this has gone viral he finds himself in a position of being attacked, offered his own reality shows, having social services come and interview his daughter, having the police check on him and more, as can be seen on the screen shot of his FB page above. He’s feeling the same effects of doing too damn much. Craziness…



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