When I was in the BVI earlier this year I fixed my mouth a couple times to say that Jamaica’s beaches really aren’t the most beautiful. It pained me to say so as I love my country but some of BVI’s beaches blew me away. I tried hard to think of the beaches back home when I was there and I couldn’t think of many that were up to par. Now I remember why, I’ve been spending way too much time in the city where the beaches are crowded with people, pollution and seaweed.

Even though I went to Zen Tropicale last year, I didn’t arrive early enough to truly appreciate the beauty around me. I made sure not to make the same mistake twice. This party held over the Independence weekend is on a property called Laughing Waters and I’m assuming that has something to do with the beautiful waterfalls that cascades into the sea.

It was breathtaking. It was such a scorchingly hot day that I had to go in the water, dress and all, and the icy cold river water mixing with the warm Caribbean Sea made for perfect temperatures that had me really appreciating nature’s beauty for several hours. Mixing Johnny Walker Black right into my coconut helped me a little bit too. Aaahhh natural refreshing coconut water 😉

Now I realise what the problem is and why it can be hard to find such a beautiful beach to enjoy, this property is apparently not open to the public. Who allowed this to happen?!?!?! How can so many of our beautiful, perfect white sandy beaches not be open to the public that was born here and lives here? This makes me very sad. I have to shell out a few hundred US dollars per night to stay in one of the many hotels peppering our coastline to get at some of the most beautiful pieces of my own Jamaica land. What I appreciated about the BVI was the fact that there were no private beaches! The most exclusive of resorts could not stop locals from enjoying the beach by law, how awesome is that? Why can’t that happen here?

Here are a few more pictures of me at the party at the gorgeous location of Laughing Waters, Mammee Bay, Jamaica.


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