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Whew boy! For this first time mom, potty training was NO easy feat! In the technological world that we now live in and access to all the information and advice, I turned to Babycenter, an internet parenting resource for best practices. The debate, I quickly realized, was split down the middle. On one side, there were the moms advocating that you start them off from they’re 18 months to 2 years, then you have the “expert” writers who tell you to wait til you feel your child is ready. I started my munchkin off at “big school” last September and my goal was to get it done before then. That was all. Arguments for early potty training argued along the lines of doing it before your toddler got used to the idea of always having a disposable diaper to rely on. That made sense to me since munchkin knew from early when she wanted to “poo-poo” and so I wanted to encourage her to do it in potty not in diaper.

I must admit however that diapers were also a convenience for me and so I was in no rush to potty-train. Sure, diapers run a pretty penny, but it’s also annoying to be in the supermarket and hear “mommy want to pee-pee.” I’ve yielded to temptation MANY times by saying “just pee-pee” in your diaper, baby.” But as summer wore on I knew I had to get serious with it. I tried everything. I tried rewarding her whenever she went, that had maybe a 30% success rate. I tried showing her by taking her into the bathroom with me so she could see mommy going. Some people even suggested letting her go bare bottom around the house. That didn’t sit well with me so when we were home I put her in her big girl panties for test runs. She’d wet them then come and report that she made a mess. She’d even say how rude she was. “Mommy, I made a mess, so rude” she’d say as she screwed up her little face. Then she’d run to get the mop “I got it mommy!” Cute as it was, I needed an alternative.

Someone sent me a video on Twitter that had a three day potty training routine. You stayed home all three days, put her on the potty every hour or so and she’ll eventually get used to the routine. Didn’t work. You know what her major problem was? The TV. I could see her doing her “potty dance” and I’d ask her if she needs to go but she’d say no and try to straighten up because she didn’t want to leave whatever program she was watching. That carries through to today. She’ll stand there jumping up and down and wriggling around and the moment the program breaks she comes running and yelling “mommy pee-pee, PEE-PEE!!!”

Sigh…so 1st day of school came and I had no choice but to send her to school in her pull-ups. The class is small, only 8 kids and two teachers which comforted me that maybe with the routine of the class and the teachers not being so stretched that she would come around soon enough. On the second day of school when she got home I decided to double down on my potty-training efforts and put her in her underpants that day. It was a pretty good evening, between me asking her if she wanted to go and sending her to the potty at random intervals and her coming to tell me she wanted to go, the evening went without any messes. The next morning when we were getting dressed and I reached for the the pull-up she said “no mommy, I want panty” and that was the turning point. Other kids in her class were wearing big girl undies so maybe the influence was a good one for her. Praise Jesus. She’s had a few accidents at school since then but the teachers encourage her and she’s definitely getting better. In fact, I think I can officially proclaim that my child was finally potty trained at 2 years and almost 8 months old. Woohoo! Even on evenings when I pick her up from school and run a few errands, she held til we got home. Go ‘head my sweetheart!

Next, we tackle night time potty training. But we’re in no rush. 😀 Now, about this “big school” schedule? I’m a fan of prep schools having the same timetables as nurseries and preschools. What’s this extra early morning and early afternoon pick up mess? Like, school ends at 1pm. WHO GON PICK UP THEIR CHILD AT 1PM? All these damn housewives uuuuuugh. It’s so often that munchkin is the only one left in aftercare 🙁 How do they do it? Do I need a helper/nanny? Sigh…I want my mommy.

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