Product Review: Tropic Isle Living, All-Natural, All-Jamaican [video]

hcsNt__37174.1360153682.300.360 Hola! I’m back at y’all with another review of one of my staple product lines. I had no idea they had a whole line of products, I purchase their black castor oil all the while and they reached out to me with some of their other items for review. I got three products, one bombed, one was a winner only for munchkin’s hair and you know I prefer products that do double duty and one knocked it out of the park. As usual, my review is in video format so check it out below. I realized after that my big fluffy afro didn’t quite make it into the frame, I was trying to show y’all how much my hair has grown since I had to cut it in December but here ya go, enjoy.

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There’s a lot of talk about cold pressed versus otherwise when it comes to oils. For cooking, I’m definitely only using raw, cold-pressed, unrefined. For hair, I honestly can’t tell you which one is best, I’ve used them both with great results either way. Tropic Isle has an awesome blog about Jamaican products and traditions and they did a post outlining the process that they use to produce their JBCO, check it out. I love that I am purchasing a Jamaican product that I absolutely love and I would go out and try their shampoo as I’m still searching for that perfect all-natural one. They have an outlet at 110 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6 or you can call 876-631-7650 to place orders. I’ve seen the castor oil in pharmacies and beauty supply stores around or you can shop online. Do you use this product? What do you think? Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. I’ve been using the JBCO since last year while I was transitioning. Since I BC’d in February, I’ve been using it to seal my twists and coil the ends. It really does keep the moisture in my hair sealed in for a good amount of time. I love it!