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Put on your “outside” PJs

So we’ve seen celebrities rock PJs on the red carpet and I shook my head at every last one of them, even my beloved Rihanna who loves this look and has rocked it at least twice…


Them blue joints? No ma’am. It wasn’t until I saw these pants that the heavens opened up and the angels sang to me

Forever 21… you have successfully changed my mind. Again. No one loves polka dots more than me and I for damn sure would wear these pants outside my house. Aren’t they absolutely cute??? Of course, unlike Rihanna, you wouldn’t catch me wearing the top for it at the same damn time.

I saw a blogger that I follow on the Victoria’s Secret FB page recently, rocking the PJ trend for them…she rocks it well too…

Of course, these two are polka dots and so I may be a little biased. And they’re watermelon coloured! Who doesn’t love that? Tell me you wouldn’t rock this look!?!?!?!

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4 thoughts on “Put on your “outside” PJs

  1. So, about a year ago I saw this blogger/fashion socialite from Japan rock a full pajama suit to an upper echelon fashion party (so qudos to her for doing it advance) BUT I never ever thought I could pull it off and I still don’t lol. I like SOME looks but not all. The blue thing that Rihanna got on is a no for me. But the first cream outfit is a yes for me.

  2. I love the first Rihanna look but the second one is a lil too Mulanesque for my personal taste. Love the watermelon shorts but I doubt that I would wear it with a blazer.

  3. I’ll take two of the gold. . . very eastern

    When you consider pajamas were initially not sleepwear but loungewear, it makes perfect sense one would wear them out of doors. . . just leave the fleece footie pajamas at home I suppose. . .

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