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RepJa T-Shirt Line
I did an article on RepJA tees way back in 2008 and I feel so good to see that I can come back 2 years later and report that the brand is still going strong. T-shirt brands come and go in Jamaica like bulla and pear so maybe the fact that they’re not actually based in Jamaica is helping some but I’m sure it’s because they’re putting in the work! I don’t know these guys, have never met them but I sing their praises because I like to see longevity in Jamaican fashion. We are such a creative people that I really think our fashion industry should be much larger than it is even now.

RepJa T-Shirt Line

Unfortunately, my 2008 article got lost in my great blog upheaval but I’m happy to share their new tees with you. They gifted me a tee when I did the original article that said “chat to mi back” which I still wear today! I am very careful about where I wear it because it’s quite the conversational piece. I don’t see it on the site now which is great! Limited edition hehe. I love the tees because they’re funky and colourful and irie! 😉

The line isn’t yet physically available in Jamaica but I know all of y’all are internet shoppers so get to clicking!  You can check their store locator for the locations that they do have overseas. Japan, Suriname, Germany and still no Jamaica??? Come now Omar you a hold out pon we!


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