Pizza from Mi Hungry, a raw food restaurant in Kingston Jamaica

Mi Hungry Whol’ Some Food – My First Raw Food Dining Experience

I’ve heard about this place called Mi Hungry for a while now and made a mental note to check it out but it took me a while since it’s not in my usual daily trek. On Friday after all my errands were ran, I decided to make it my lunch stop. I was intrigued when I heard that they served burgers, ackee and pizza, all raw.

They’re located in Marketplace on Constant Spring Road, tucked away in a small shop in the back. I was met by a Rastafarian man and was not surprised. Ital living right? I was actually happy that the business seemed ran and serviced by mostly Rastafarians. Even though I’ve become more and more familiar with a raw food lifestyle, I feel like our Rasta population has been trying to tell us this was the way to live all along and we waited til it became a thing.

Anyway the menu did indeed have burgers and pizza and pie on it. A non-baked pie? I asked him what would be in my burger and he told me that the buns were made of sunflower seeds I believe? It was definitely some type of seed, I can’t remember now because he was all out and I ordered a pizza instead. The crust was made of sunflower seeds and walnut and the “cheese” sauce was also made of sunflower seeds. I got mine extra spicy with lots of scotch bonnet peppers.

Raw Pizza

It had pineapples, tomato, lettuce, peppers and mushroom. It was yummy! Funny how the sunflower seeds can be manipulated to make crust AND sauce. Hmmm, interesting! My small raw pizza was only $500 and was the perfect single serving.

I got the papaya, banana “pie” for munchkin along with some tamarind juice.

It was yummy too, had a coconut-ty crust going on. But I won’t lie, I would rather spend my $300 on a hand of ripe bananas and a pawpaw. So while I will definitely be back to try that burger, I’ll pass on the pie.

So how did it fare overall? I liked it a lot. I think it’s a great option for those days when you’re out on the road wondering what to get that won’t totally throw off your healthy eating habits. The raw pizza hit the spot and I can’t wait to try some other things on the menu. I’d love it if they included some other greens atop the pizza though. Can we get some spinach? Kale? Have you tried their pizza or any other such raw food?

Pizza from Mi Hungry, a raw food restaurant in Kingston Jamaica

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