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A group of gals who all went to college together and came out with strong bonds of friendship decided to hit Red Bones last night to celebrate life and achievements. I’ve been to Red Bones a couple of times and looked forward to a fun evening with my friends. The Terrace was lovely but as soon as I sat I knew I was gonna be uncomfortable all night. The chairs were horrid! There were all around complaints of discomfort and back pains. Anyway we ordered our compimentary round of cocktails and began catching up while waiting on our meal.

The Restaurant Week menu for Red Bones comprised of this:


Soupe de la nuit

Callaloo strudel
Phyllo dough-filled with sautéed callaloo leaves, onions, red peppers and cream cheese served in a mornay sauce

Baked shrimp stuffed with a codfish pâté

Smoked marlin salad with cucumber curls, papaya slices dijon mustard, capers & onions

Main Course

Grilled New Zealand lamb chops with a spicy guava glaze

Grilled lobster served in a garlic-butter sauce

Nova Scotia salmon with an orange-ginger glaze


Triple-layer chocolate desire cake

Bailey’s Cheesecake

Vanilla Icecream

Most of us of course ordered the same thing, which I underlined above. I was surprised that no one ordered the lamb, I would have loved to give it a try and I know if my hubs was there he’d have ordered the salmon. There was an addition to the entrees that was basically a chicken linguine that the non seafood lovers in our mix ordered.

Baked shrimp stuffed with a codfish pâté

This was absolutely amazing! I have to tell you when I saw that my delectable shrimp would be stuffed with saltfish I wasn’t too amused but the saltiness and the sauce exploded in my mouth and sent me to heaven. It was delish and I wish this was an entree. I could have had another serving. I even ate my veggies because the sauce was so yummy. 😀

The bar was set real high for the main course and I was looking forward to some real yummy lobster! The menu above says grilled, the menu we had in hand said poached. I love grilled lobster so I was a little disappointed but after the amazing  appetizer I figured it wouldn’t be so bad. Well…after waiting what seemed like eternity between appetizer and entree, the lobster was blah at best.

Poached lobster served in a garlic-butter sauce

For some reason my flash refused to go off for the rest of the dinner shots. Anyhoo, I found myself comparing the meal to what I would have had at Red Lobster. I am  grateful that Red Lobster at least removes the tail from the shell completely, even when it is presented in shell. We had to fight the lobster tail out at the table and I had visions of a Pretty Woman mussel tossing flashing in my mind. The meat was relegated to a sponge to be used to sop up the garlic butter sauce as it had absolutely no flavour on its own. The veggies were a little fresh and I was just really underwhelmed especially after such an amazing start.

Chicken Linguine

I tried a bit of the linguine and it was also lacking in excitement. I could make this in my kitchen in 30 minutes. I don’t wanna pay almost top-tier prices for Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals. We made fun of the cabbage leaf they thought was pretty enough to put it in too…and the owner of this dish said it was cloying and the basil was overwhelming.

At this point we all start to comment how watered down our complimentary cocktail was as well. See, when you’re having an amazing appetizer, you don’t mind that your cocktail is really a mocktail. But the minute the food goes down hill, everything goes with it. Was there really any rum in my drink? I really think only a splash on top to give you that first whiff and that was it. After another eternity we were brought our desserts. I ordered the chocolate cake since most others had the cheesecake. I do love a good cheesecake but I also love a good,moist slice of chocolate cake and hoped my sacrifice to try and taste them both wasn’t in vein.

Triple-layer chocolate desire cake and Bailey's Cheesecake

As is customary whenever I stray from what I really want, I got burned. The Bailey’s cheesecake was delish, my chocolate cake was too sweet and quite cloying. And we’re pretty sure it was a cake mix.

At the end of the evening a lady who appeared to be management or maybe the owner came over for some feedback. I commented on how uncomfortable the chairs were and the table echoed my comments, her laughter wasn’t becoming. After realizing that we weren’t joining in on the laughter, she said she would “take the comments.” Oh ok, whatever that meant. We scratched Red Bones of our list of restaurants we’d ever return to, snapped some pics, and moved along our way.

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