Realistic mermaid tails for kids and cheap silicone mermaid tails for adults! Mermaid tails can be expensive but we found these gorgeous mermaid tails that are really fun! #mermaidtail

Review: Realistic Mermaid Tails for Kids

My 8 year old has been asking for realistic mermaid tails that she can swim in at the beach or in a pool  all year long. 

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Realistic mermaid tails for kids and cheap silicone mermaid tails for adults! Mermaid tails can be expensive but we found these gorgeous mermaid tails that are really fun! #mermaidtail

Actually she’s been asking for one all last year and I did get her one for her birthday that was too small but is a great realistic swimmable mermaid tail if you have a smaller child. 

Here she is at the beach in the tail without the monofin: 

Realistis mermaid tails review

Realistic Mermaid Tails

She’s wearing this mermaid tail from Amazon. As you can see, the tail can’t stretch over the monofin and still fit her because of her height. It’s also a little tight in the waist area. Bear this in mind even though the product size says it’s ok for an 8yo. 

My little girl is 5’0 and just about 100lbs. Here’s her 6yo brother having fun in the tail with the monofin tucked in. 

Review: cheap silicone mermaid tails

As far as quality goes, if your child is smaller then I do recommend this tail. The material for the tail itself is durable. quick drying and looks really pretty in the sun! 

The monofin is made of a durable plastic material that will make this product last. 

Silicone mermaid tails

This is what the full product looks like. It came with a tiny little seashell replica bra-top that I wasn’t gonna let my little girl wear.  I cringe when I see little girls in tiny bikinis and you may can tell from munchkin’s stance that she was even uncomfortable in this makeshift mermaid tail top because she only wears tankinis or full one pieces to swim. 

She wasn’t sure of herself baring her tummy in this get up but we had fun with it. 

Cheap Silicone Mermaid Tails

So we’re still on the lookout for cheap silicone mermaid tails that are realistic and swimmable when we visit a pool. 

I saw cheap because there are mermaid tails for sale as high as in the thousands of dollars! These are for sure for enthusiasts who love the mermaid lifestyle and know how to swim in these tails. 

There’s a following for everything and the mythical creatures are no different. 

As a newbie, I don’t suggest actually going into the water with a mermaid tail on at the beach since they are difficult to swim in and there are whole mermaid swimming classes that are offered to master this advanced skill. 

They are very fun to take picture in though! 

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

The Fin Fun mermaid tails are the bestseller on Amazon and some of the most widely reviewed mermaid tails out there for kids and adults. 

Fin fun mermaid tails

They boast technology like patented reinforcement for the tips of the monofin and they are very high quality. This tail retails for about $80 while they tail we bought was around half the price. 

Would I buy an $80 tail that’s really just an accessory for munchkin? Probably. She’s a good kid and been asking for it for a while. I buy pricier accessories for myself all the time. 

Mermaid Tails for Adults

If you’re an adult looking for a sexy high-quality mermaid tail then I’m in love with those by Mermaidaqua.

They’re a little pricier but the custommade quality makes it very worth it. The monofins all have a very unique shape and the til material is comfortable and made to dry quickly. 

They’ve also got mermaid tail blankets if a beach or pool is not anywhere in your future but you still wanna engage in the aqua lifestyle. 

Doesn’t that look cozy? And like a great pic for the ‘gram? Speaking of the gram…

They have some very chic round beach blankets too. I love this one with the quote. 

We’re still on the hunt for the best realistic mermaid tail for munchkin. hopefully we will find one soon! 

Are you a mermaid fan? What are you getting your little one this Chirstmas? (Here’s a great gift guide for big kids like my little one, all vetted by her!)

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