What are you currently drooling over right now? Here’s a couple things that I probably won’t buy but they’ve caught my wandering window shopping eye.

A great blazer adds versatility and chic to any outfit and allows you to jazz up a dress or outfit you may have worn before and is sitting pretty in an FB album right now. In times of FB albums, we have to re-purpose! My archnemesis Charlotte Russe has a couple that I have my eye on.













I really like the way they styled the black blazer but I’m not really feeling the nautical colours of the short blazer ‘fit. I do however love its length. One of the problems I have with blazers is that they can overpower an outfit especially in the back, hiding all the cute. These lengths I’ve selected kinda hits at just the right points to add, not take away from an outfit. Plus I really love the ruffles on the black blazer as a sister without hips like myself needs all the fru fru she can get.

Since CR won’t take my money though, let’s move on down the list. I love accessories as much as the next and I’m beginning to think that pearls may be my favourite kind since I’ve managed to accumulate so many different kinds in my collection. A string of pearls instantly add a little glam to any outfit don’t you think? I own no actual pearls though, only cosmetic stuff. These HinsonGayle Pink Free-Form Baroque Pearl Rope Necklace seem to fit my personality. I claim to know nothing about real pearls and what not but I like these since they’re unique “Free-form baroque pearls are treasured for their unusual shapes, as no two pearls are exactly alike.” And they’re pink. 😀

My list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include some Jessica Simpson items. I love her brand. This clutch has a size I love, I’ve been having a real hard time finding what they call a “good, sizeable clutch” and the measurements on this one fits my bill as I could throw my samsung 7 inch tab in it comfortably it seems. I love big clutches.

And a couple of her pumps for good measure 😀

Two colours I could really use in my closet right now, though I think I should stray away from pumps in search of some strappy sandals…but I love these. The silly season is right around the corner….what’s on your wishlist?


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