Rihanna in Bang Swimwear by Jamaican Nell Robinson

Rihanna rocks Bang Swimwear by Jamaican Supermodel Nell Robinson

This morning Rihanna shot a selfie in an eeny weeny teeny weeny yellow electric guitar bikini and it is from none other than Jamaican Nell Robinson’s swimwear line!

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Rihanna in Bang Swimwear by Jamaican Nell Robinson

Sheesh! It doesn’t even look this hot on the model (and the model is freakin hot) that dang bombshell Rihanna! Nell was super excited about this of course and told Global Grind how she was able to get the swimsuit on the body of the Bajan international superstar:

My business partner Ann Marie Clarke and I went to her concert in Twickenham recently. We were able to get backstage and hand a box with 10 swimsuits to her manager. This has been our dream ever since we started brainstorming about the brand.

The bikini Rihanna is wearing is called Electric Guitar and I’m sure you can see why. It has tiny red guitars as an all over print. (I actually drew those guitars myself, then had them printed onto a CAD and eventually onto the yellow fabric.) The bikini costs ¬£80 and is available for purchase on our website¬†www.bangswimwear.com

You’ll recall that Pulse just inducted Nell in their supermodel Hall of Fame, having been the local agency to help propel her into international modelling. Nell is a baddie herself as she shows off another print in her Bang Swimwear line here:

Jamaican supermodel Nell Robinson in Bang Swimwear

Pic from Nell’s instagram. Congrats to Nell and her team on this one! Big tings a gwaan, visit the website and support your girl. This plus-size chica can’t fit into anything Bang but I’m working on it! Do you love the line?

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