Ain’t it great that the boom in Janet Jackson Poetic Justice styled braids are back this summer? I had to get a piece of this action as I loved braids in high school and it was only right since I am currently over-the-top bored with my TWA and trying to grow it out. I really wanted to get waist length plaited braids like Solange or currently Keri Hilson but when my stylist told me I would need 14 packs of hair???????? Hell to the naw! What’s it gonna feel like to walk around with 14 packs of hair on my head? The 5 and a half I have in currently ain’t no light work! SO I decided to stick with some fly rope twists and I could not be happier

Rope twist braids

You know I had to get a variety of colours to match my personality. It ranges from deep brown to platinum with a toops of red mixed in there. Just like my own hair 😀

Rope Twists rope twists

The funny thing about them is all the fellas who I know to hate “false hair” fell head over heals for them. Heh! As long as you rock em right and keep em tight

braid bun 998217_10151730528196294_1188733226_n 1146464_10151760010501294_1406969809_n

It’s been about a month and they are currently looking raggedy as hell. Don’t do medium sized twists unless you’re prepared to tie them down every night. I started out well but the tie-head kept slipping off and that was that. I absolutely love them though and I’m sure I will reinstall but I will either do plaits instead of twists or ask her to plait the roots so they stay put a little better since I’m doing them big. I’m not sitting long enough for fine twists #aintnobodygottime

Did you rock braids this summer too? Aren’t they just the best?

Michael Frater and IrieDiva

Jamaican Olympian Michael Frater

Mammee Bay Jamaica

Love these summer days!


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