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Sensible shoes for work

The other day I saw a chick stumbling through New Kingston, Kingston’s corporate center, in her pencil skirt, button down blouse and the highest 6 inch heels out her closet. Jamaica’s roads and sidewalks are not made for walking honey. She was stumbling! Po’ thang. Of course when I tweeted it the men all basically called me a hater. LOL they love it, I’m sure her boss does too…but come on now that’s nowhere near practical. Here’s a good compromise:


This Nine West Women’s Sharina Platform Sandal is so cute and comfortable for all day walking. No more stumbling to the car park or to go pick up lunch. Or changing into them gaudy “push-toe” slippers with your corporate wear. These can make it wherever you need to go. 🙂 And look how many pretty colours and patterns it comes in! And it’s pocket friendly too. 

Not a fan of slingbacks? Here’s the peep-toe option. This one too comes in a bunch of different colours and patterns to spice up your work-wear without being too over the top. See, you can be cute without looking like you’re going to stand on the New Kingston corner after hours…

This one is the Nine West Women’s Danee Platform Pump and I’m a fan of this red one, not that bright patent-leather, come-hither red that you wear to the club no ma’am. Tone it down for the office.

For those days when the toes are a little jacked up, here’s the classic pump from Jessica Simpson. Look how many colours 🙂

I love JS pumps and the Jessica Simpson Women’s Calie Pump is work-wear perfect! I even went a little higher on the heel in case you thought the first one was just too boring. Higher heel, less drama with multiple colours and whistles and bells.

Now these bad boys here? Leave them for date-night or girls night out 🙂

Get it? Got it? Good! Now off to cop me that Jessica Simpson Women’s Sheri Open-Toe Pump! What do you think of these options?

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4 thoughts on “Sensible shoes for work

  1. Irie Diva does it again!!
    It is so true about these girls cuz I see the poor things in my office EVERY DAY. I refuse to put fashion first and my health later. Can you imagine what these shoes are doing to their joints and feet?
    I’ve always worn Nine West and JS, comfort without being costly. And even if it was costly, your HEALTH is your best investment. Not a house.

  2. I was just saying to a co-worker that i am happy i don’t work in New Kgn as this is obviously the norm. everybody with these 10 inch heels that they just cannot walk in. its horribly ridic.

  3. It’s always funny to see the girls compete and who can go higher in heel size. Worst, where i work there are a lot of cobble stones to walk on. No doubt i dont think the F-me pumps are appropriate for work so i’ll go with a nice open toe flats or slingbacks when im feeling powerful.

  4. Trust me, I used to wear high heels when I worked in new kgn too cause hey, i’m fab. but even I kept it to corporate pumps or slingbacks, not these neon, studded, clear glass bells and whistles these ladies are wearing and dem cant even walk in dem lol

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