After my time in HWT for Fashion’s Night Out I went up to my friend at Shhh Boutique to see what he had for me. He had sale items placed on specific racks that were between 20 and 50% off. 

This is one of the pieces that I pulled from the sales rack. It has a bandage skirt giving us a Herve Leger kinda feel and it was well received when I tweeted it. Snapped a few more from the sales rack…

Before I wandered into “no-sale” territory. The prices weren’t written on the tags I saw and it was really too packed to query anything unless it really grabbed me. I really liked this striped dress but you know what they say about horizontal stripes…

And this white dress with the sexy back also screamed progress dress to me but it was $6000. Also snapped these from Shhh.


Hunger kicked in at this point and we went against the traffic up to the Sovereign Center to grab a bite to eat and make our way down to Soho. After we relaxed, recharged and re-energized we arrived to minimal crowd but a nice atmosphere building at Soho. As I’ve said many times, Soho is a very upscale boutique selling branded items at prices out of my reach and so it would not normally have been a Fashion’s Night Out stop for me, but I wanted to meet my girl Vivica Fox. We got there at 6:30 and was obviously way too early for her arrival. I stayed a bit and had some wine and posed for a few photos…

Fabulous necklace. The lovely gentlemen above were very accommodating and even pulled together a lovely outfit for me. The top was only $7800 “after all the discounts” (none) so I had to let him know that was not in my budget. This colourful tube summer dress caught my eye

However it was JA$22500, a price very common in the store. It was a BCBGMaxAzria, as were some belts that caught my eye that were in the $8000 region. I began to feel a little underdressed and out of place with the demographic in the store and thought it best to move on instead of waiting around for Vivica.

Surprisingly Vivica didn’t jet out immediately after her stint but stayed around to enjoy our sunshine a bit

😀 😀 😀 Yeah that’s my BFF hehe. I still have more of my #FNOja experience to share! Two more stops so stay tuned! Are you liking the coverage? Did you make one stops or many like me?


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