Tetra - Turq Green

I first saw these Tetra – Turq Green a while back but they were out of my size so I set up an alert for when they restocked. I got that email recently! Aren’t they fabulous? I LOVE the turquoise green combo. Then I saw one of my favourite style celebs wearing it and it sealed the deal for me!

HAUTE! The other colours aren’t bad either…though I’d prolly only get the black ones…they’re fierce!

You know what made my shoe find even more amazing though? This photo that popped up in my tumblr!

Yes Posh!!!! VB and I have the saaaaame tastes! Of course her taste is way more cha-ching since hers are the coveted “red bottoms” Christian Louboutins but hey, we’re right here girl…right here!

Do you love my shoe find? How would you rock these shoes?


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