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Shut the door! Every girl got a pair of f*ck me pumps and hooker heels right? Right. You slip those bad boys on and you feel like superwoman, ready to take over the world. Your walk is different, your swag is different, its on and poppin… and if he’s around when you slip them on…he might just tell you to shut the door…

This sparkly number was surprisingly my last pair.  A quick, last minute purchase to complete an outfit without going boring black. Unfortunately, they’re turning out to be a one time wear since I lost the strap for the right foot…yeah…don’t ask.

These might be my next pair…there’s just something sexy about a pair of patent red pumps eh…

Ooh la la. I realise I blog an awful bit about shoes here…sigh…its an addiction I tell ya.

How about some Mary Janes? Ooh la la…

These I really love…I’m still feeling the animal print trend and boy these are calling out to my soul. Do you like them? I dunno how come I’m so obsesses with pumps as of late…I was always a strappy shoe kinda girl.

Anyway, what colour are your favourite shoes? How many pair of black shoes do you own? Which shoe sitting in your closet is your sexiest pair?

I think all of these qualify for a little cooking in the kitchen with just them on….don’t you?

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