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Caribbean Fashion Week is something I look forward to every year in Jamaica because it is always so fabulous. It really gives you a feel of what happens in international fashion capitals such as Paris, New York and Milan. This year, I made the decision not to go because it just seemed like way too much consecutive time away from the young munchkin.

After the likes of Kelly Rowland performing and Eve and Nia long making appearances last year, I was really looking forward to Pulse upping the ante for their 10th anniversary of CFW, but Johnny Gill was the main performer this year. Womp Womp. Back to the designers being the highlight…I guess.

I did peep a few of the pics floating around on the innanets and I spoke to a few persons who went who all confirmed the usual late start but fabulosity of the shows. Here’s a few of what I found…

Biggy at CFW 2010

Earl “Biggy” Turner turned it out as usual with his dancehall-inspired pieces. Can’t you see Amber Rose rocking this?

Biggy at CFW 2010

Ok Biggy…I see you wit’ them boots!

Carla Campbell in Jae Jolly CFW 2010

Sick! That’s the kinda body you have to have to rock this Jae Jolly dress….so I’ma just say those shoes are fly! You go Carla.

Minka at CFW 2010

I love this top by Minka, I’m finna ask her to make me one…longer of course…

KAJ Designs CFW 2010

SO I really love this floppy hat! Oh yeah….swimsuit by KAJ

Oraine Barrett

Some scrumptious chocolate of course….hiding in a Yardman Style Tee

Camesha Powell Poshe

Fashion designer Camesha Powell of Poshe in a Poshe dress hopefully.

Loni Jones

Makeup artist Loni Jones….outfit is cute but the blue nylons… y’all digging it?

CFW 2010 Patron

Nice eh?

CFW 2010 Patron

I LOVE this, this is very me sans black tights….


These pictures are from KingstonStyle….much more there.

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