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So, what did I wear to CFW?

I did a whole series on outfits for CFW so lemme share with you what my outfits ended up being. You already saw Friday’s, lets not rehash that one since it was pretty casual.

This was the outfit I was going to wear for Saturday night…


I really love that jacket and you already know I LOVE those shoes. The high platforms made me feel quite kardashian. They were super comfortable all night too, just very tricky to walk when I hit the gravel parking lot. The jacket did not make the night though, I went for all black instead.




Anyhoo I had just purchased this necklace from Shhh Boutique. What an amazing match right? Totally brought my outfit together. It was great to run into Oraine Barrett too (yes, the model from Rih’s Man Down) I loved that he remembered and embraced me like an old friend. Humility wins. (And he’s so hawt)

Sunday I had another outfit dilemma. I really wanted to go cute and girly with my new polka dot dress…I love me all things polka…but it is a tube dress and I have a complex with my arms. I hate anything tubed unless I have a cardigan over it. Since I did not intend to wear a cardigan two nights in a row, I nixed the dress. This is what I might have looked like

Yuck I hate that. The dress is gorgeous and would have been totally ruined by this big ol’ pink thing. To another event at another time…but for the occasion instead of cute and girly I went sassy and sexy

The belt did much better justice to this outfit. RAWR. I’ve had these satin shorts for so many years now and I’ve never worn them out like this. I’ve never been a short shorts kinda girl. I always wear them under dresses I deem too short to wear by themselves. But when I bought this top this is exactly the kind of outfit I had in mind and knew one day I would have to get over my thing with wearing short shorts. I don’t think I did too badly.


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3 thoughts on “So, what did I wear to CFW?

  1. OHH I am totally feeling the last outfit. Pity i cant wear shorts that short. You should have a (i have no clue what you would call it) putting outfits together post. Like a mixing and matching whats in your closet post.

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