Sweat Fest 2015 Montego Bay Jamaica

Some Thoughts About SweatFest 2015

This post is so late because for the life of me I can’t find any pictures from Sweatfest? No Skkan or Stush? Which photo house was hired? Last year I had the pleasure of being invited as media for the Soul in the Sun concert and was really hoping that the same would happen this year so that I could dry hump on Ginuwine. Alas no such call came in and I was a little uncertain about having to work + transportation etc so I didn’t put in the call myself which was really silly, better to have access and not use eh? Anyway, at the last hour I decided to jump in my car and drive my lonesome self 3 and a half hours to Montego Bay in my little car because the lineup was really just too sweet to be missed and I thought the price was reasonable to boot!

Sweat Fest 2015 Montego Bay Jamaica

When I got there SWV was just going on and I was reminded of some of their songs I have long forgotten. They had me jammin, it was such a good start for me. Like last year with Regina Belle, they were the only females booked on the show. The rest was all swoonworthy men singing that real RnB music I love. Here are a few of my standout thoughts:

  • Tank is entirely TOO fine not to have any hit songs. And no, don’t tell me I Deserve is a hit song, can you sing more than two lines from it? Hush. I need him to hook up with some good producers stat. His little spiel with the audience was entertaining enough but too many curse words just for cussing.
  • Dru Hill was here for Soul in the Sun last year. Sisqo gave the same swerve about Nokio being a part of the group still, he just couldn’t make it this time. What happen, Nokio don’t like Jamaica? He locked up somewhere? Did Jazz eat him? Jazz gettin bigger and bigger! Love that voice though
  • 112 has some hits boy! They had me jammin for a few of those joints. But bruhman voice ain’t all the way there. He messing up my Peaches and Cream! It ain’t so smoove no more bruh
  • I need a whole day to talk about how Ginuwine and his backup singers tore the house down. After his little weird performances with TGT, he had me nervous but boy that fine ass man still got it! Voice, moves, everything! He could get it. Twice on Sunday.
  • While Ginuwine brought the nasty, Joe was singing his bedroom tunes with his classy born-again Christian swag. This is not a complaint, Joe was singing about 69 being a damn good year the classiest way possible but he brought the house DOWN. Best performance of the night, hands down. He ended his set by singing Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs. Now ain’t that the way you win over a local audience? By singing one of their most beloved songs? I love you Joe.
  • By this time, we are about 6 hours in. Teddy Riley was the performer to bring out Keith Sweat. Teddy Riley killed my damn vibe. There’s always that one at every concert. We don’t know these songs Teddy and we been here too long. Keep it short and cute.
  • Keith Sweat finally came out and did his set which was a good set but by then we’d all had enough. The place was 3/4 empty when he finally crooned “I wanna tease you, I wanna please you”

By the way, I kinda sorta had to think real hard on what the lyrics were to Nobody because at the karaoke bar I frequent they always change the lyrics up to “I wanna eat you” then the place erupts and we never get past that one damn line -_____-

Anyhoo, I had a damn good time and will be front and center next year for both events. Love it! My girlfriend commented that the quality of the performances were better than Sumfest and looking at this year’s Sumfest lineup… Yeah, I’ll pass. But I will be at every show featuring music from my young days boy, this was so needed. Shout out of course to my Jamaican performers, those that I caught, that performed solid sets as is per usual for these particular entertainers: Tanto Metro and Devonte, Wayne Wonder and Beenie Man! Did you go? How’d you find it?

Me and my college friend who I was happy to meetup and join her group for the night:






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