Soul in the Sun 2014

Soul in the Sun Music Festival Delivered! Night One Recap

This weekend was the first Soul in the Sun Music Festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica that delivered awesome R&B music from the 90s and further! Classics from Freddie Jackson, Jeffrey Osbourne, Peabo Bryson, Regina Belle and for the younger generation a little Silk, Dru Hill and Keith Sweat thrilled audiences with their respective R&B and soul hits. Thanks to the Jamaica Tourist Board I had the opportunity to attend the shows held on Friday and Saturday night and I had a great time! I’m surely looking forward to this festival being a staple on the Jamaican music festival scene. I had a chance to interview or listen in on a few interviews and have some awesome nuggets for you so I’m gonna dub this whole week #SoulintheSun week here on IrieDiva because we have lots to talk about including Miss Regina Belle’s fantastic #naturalhair secrets!

Soul in the Sun 2014

LUST opened Friday night’s show with an amazing act of covers and original songs. Comprised of four Jamaican individual acts who came together to form this group way back when, they are Lukie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis and they each held their own on stage performing some of their individual hit songs as well. They performed songs across the spectrum such as Shower Me with Your Love by Atlantic Starr to Grace Thrillers Can’t Even Walk to their original Just As I am. Their comedic camaraderie on stage entertained the audience between songs. LUST made way for 90s sensation SILK to come through and they kept audiences entertained with a slew of their popular bedroom songs and antics, choreography to match. SILK is best known for their songs Meeting in My Bedroom and Freak Me and and their harmonies and thrusting accompanying these songs made for a good time!


The beginning of a very freaky freak me. Laaaaaaawd @silkfans there’s a meeting in my bedroom, please report stat! #soulinthesun

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Here’s a snippet of Freak Me that I posted on Instagram. The sound is trash but honey we ain’t here for the sound right now! Just trust me when I say they sounded good as hell all night! I thoroughly enjoyed their performance! Yes SILK yessss y’all are still doing y’all thang!

They made way for Dru Hill who also thrilled the audience with their hit after hit after hit. And of course in the middle of the performance Sisqo took over and gave us hits from his solo stint. Sisqo is just a tiny little ball of energy who was bouncing all over the stage all night long, made me tired! Jazz on the other hand has had himself one too many hamburgers but we gon make like we didn’t see that he was three times the size we know and love him to be. Jazz, have a salad honey, watch that cholesterol! We need you to keep pelting out these hits like nobody’s business because yes his voice is still on point! Nokio was MIA but the little newbie to the group held his own. When Sisqo finally busted out the thong song the whole place was jammin! Their set was great. We don’t even talk noooo more, we ran out of words tooooo say!

So Johnny Gill came up after and … I don’t even know what to say. Johnny was on … sigh. Johnny jumped off the stage and spent more than half his set singing some new songs to the first few rows of people in the audience leaving the rest of us to ask, what gives? His dance moves, his new songs and all that could have stayed. Sang about the red dress Johnny, that’s why we here! Yeah, Johnny was overkill and killed the vibe for the night’s closer Keith Sweat who had to wake us up a bit BUT his name is Keith Sweat and he can do just that! Man oh man Keith Sweat rocked the crowd with hit after hit some we knew him for and some we didn’t even know he wrote. But when Keith busted out the nobody baaaaabbbbbyyyyyy it was a wrap!

Yes indeedy Soul in the Sun Night One was high energy, kept us on our feet with some great 90s music and with the exception of Mr. Gill, delivered quality performance after quality performance. I had no other complaints! Were you there? What was your favourite part? Were you following my coverage? Will you be there next year?



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