Five Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Five Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! The end of the year is approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by reflecting upon all your accomplishments? Whether you’re looking for a confidence boost or an excuse to indulge in some holiday cheer, take the time now to look back at your successes and end your year strong

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And don’t forget to make some New Year’s resolutions! Yes, they may seem like a relic from our childhood days but they are still important because they provide us with goals for next year.

Five Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why New Years Resolutions Are Still Important

Here are 5 reasons why new years resolutions should not be abandoned:

New Years Resolutions Provide Us With Goals

One of the most important things resolutions accomplish is that they give us something to work toward. Without goals, we can become complacent and unfocused in our lives. Yes, it’s exciting when you reach certain milestones but do not forget where your passions lie! New Year’s resolutions help keep track of what matters most so don’t discard them without a good reason.

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New Years Resolutions Set An Example For Others

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons new years resolutions are still important today is because people look up to us in society and follow in our footsteps. This rings especially true for children who use adults as examples when making decisions about their own futures (and also just general life choices). What kind of example do you want to set for the people around you? Resolutions help us stay on track and become better people, so set a few, share them with the people you influence, and encourage them to do the same.

New Years Resolutions Help Us Reflect

One of my favorite things about making new years resolutions is that it forces me to reflect on the year past. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day lives and forget all the amazing things that have happened, but taking some time out to write down your reflections can be really insightful. Not only will this help with goal setting for next year, but you may also find yourself feeling grateful for everything you’ve experienced this year. So make sure to look back on the resolutions or goals you set for this year and what became of them. 

New Years Resolutions Give Us A Chance To Start Fresh

Since we’re all human and prone to mistakes, it’s important that we give ourselves a fresh start every now and then. I’m not saying you should beat yourself up throughout the year for your blunders (that defeats the purpose of resolutions), but if there is a resolution that has been weighing on your mind or holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest, this may be the time to let it go and make room for new ones that serve you better.

New Years Resolutions Help Us Become Our Best Selves

I hope by now I’ve convinced you! New years resolutions are still as relevant today as they were when they first became popular because they help us become better people overall. They keep track of our goals, motivate us toward personal growth, and remind us to take time out for reflection. What more could you ask for?

Don’t ditch your New Year’s resolution traditions but instead embrace them.

Five Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

So you’re ready to make some resolutions. You set out on your journey with great intentions of starting a new diet, building up your savings account, or finally getting organized. But how long will it last? What if I gave you five tips that can help keep those resolutions going strong all year round?

Tip # One: Make a Plan

The first way to stick to your resolutions is by making a plan. This means setting some goals and figuring out what you need to do in order to achieve them. Having a plan will help keep you on track, and it will be easier to measure your progress along the way. When you have a goal in mind, it is also helpful to break it down into smaller steps so that you can take actionable steps towards achieving it.

Tip # Two: Set realistic deadlines

One of the biggest reasons people give up on their resolutions is because they set unrealistic deadlines for themselves. If your goal is to lose weight, then don’t try to lose 30 pounds in two weeks! When you set unrealistic deadlines, it will be that much harder to stick to your resolutions. Instead of setting a specific number or deadline for achieving your goal, try instead focusing on smaller steps along the way; this will make it easier for you to stay motivated and keep working towards reaching your goals.

Tip # Three: Reward yourself

One thing that can help keep us motivated is rewarding ourselves when we do something well! While there are many self-help gurus who say not to reward yourself with food or other things as this may lead back into old habits, I believe in using rewards as a motivating tool—as long as they don’t sabotage our success.

For example, if you have been exercising consistently for a month, treat yourself to a new workout outfit. If you have been sticking with your diet plan for over a week and haven’t cheated once, reward yourself with something that is not related to food (such as going to the movies). With this system in place, it will be easier for you to stay motivated and keep working towards achieving your resolutions!

Tip # Four: Find an Accountability Partner or Group

Another great way to help make sure we stick to our resolutions all year long is by finding someone who can hold us accountable along the way. This doesn’t mean having someone constantly checking up on you; instead, look for people online or friends in person who would like nothing more than keeping tabs on you and making sure that you don’t give up on your resolutions.

It is also helpful to find a group of people who are going through the same thing as yourself or those who have already achieved what they set out to achieve. By joining a group like this, it will be easier for you to stay motivated and keep working towards achieving your goals!

Tip # Five: Get Organized

Last but not least, one great way to help make sure we stick with our new year’s resolutions all year long is by getting organized! This means setting aside time each day (or week) so that you can write down everything from deadlines to tasks. When we take the stress away from remembering dates and times when certain things are due, it will be that much easier for us to stick to our resolutions.

In addition, try organizing your living space in a way that makes you feel happy and inspired; this could mean having a specific spot for everything or using different colors to help inspire productivity. By getting organized, it will be that much easier for you to stay on track with all of your goals!

I hope these five tips have helped give you some ideas on how you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions all year long! 

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