So after my weekend from diet hell I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about finally shaking those 2lbs between me and 180…but I am SO ready to break into the 170s. Let me tell you something about this whole HCG thing, unless you’re 100% prepared to stick with the incredibly strict and meager offerings of the diet involved, this is not the method for you. I have been really great, but not excellent on this diet. What baffles me is that my “cheats” have mostly been switching our vegetables like corn or having the yolks of my egg. You’d think such “cheats” wouldn’t hurt the diet much but my weight is going real slow.

The diet promises much better results than this but every body is different after all. I learned about another local person who lost 16lbs in 2 weeks and I seethed in envy. But he was close to 300lbs…they say the heavier you are the easier it is to lose those kinda numbers. Does nothing to comfort me and my extra 50lbs but ok. So this week I am trying my best to stick to the diet as much as possible to see if I can get that kind of a result. And to kick up my exercise a notch as they say we’re not to do much exercising on this low amount of calories but we can walk. So, walk it is.

I used to do the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels and I’m excited to start that back in a couple of weeks when I enter maintenance mode and can actually eat corn and carrots without feeling guilty. And green beans…mmmm green beans. Is sauteing them with my sesame seeds still allowed? How about if I get some of that expensive EVOO? I’ve just discovered the goodness of asian green beans, I can’t go back now! *cries in my tea*

All in all I’m very confident in myself actually committing to a lifestyle change. I’m excited about eating vegetables and fruits! I am not missing rice, pasta or potatoes. I am excited about drinking fruity cocktails again but I will definitely limit my intake when I’m again allowed. I just really want to lose the excess so I can have fun maintaining. But the losing part is taking oh so long…..

* Realizes I’ve only been at this for 2 weeks* *slaps self a couple times and yells at myself to get it together*



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