They say to “put it out there in the universe”

and to put it on paper.

But put it on a blog? LOL. If 2012 rolls around and I haven’t struck anything off my to-do list, it’ll be a damn shame. So, I’ma start with

  • make it to 2012. Hey…sadly, many of us will not. So really and truly it is the most important thing on my list. My biggest fear right now is dropping out and my munchkin not knowing/remembering her mom…
  • visit a country that is not USA. I’ve been there enough…time to mix it up a little…
  • upgrade my car. that bad boy is definitely going
  • find a side hustle, the 9-5 won’t make it to the next point at all at all
  • purchase Olympic tickets (see why i need a side hustle?) gotta be there when bolt makes history again
  • eat barbecue in Texas…they say its the best right? I plan to partake this summer…
  • lose 20 pounds……………………………………
  • do a sewing course
  • buy a house
Well. There you have it. If nothing else and I only scratch off number one, well to God be the glory! That last one there is a huge stretch but it will remain on my list every year till I get to strike it off. I just may hit the lotto. I wanna put “get engaged” on my list but that damn knucklehead…..


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