The Baths at Virgin Gorda, BVI

Hey guys! I’m in the British Virgin Islands and slowly doing all the touristy things. I was looking forward to visiting the Baths since my twitter pal commented on it when I mentioned coming here. Quite a few of my friends know very little about the BVI so I’ll drop in a little map here for y’all.

So, all of them lil islands comprise the BVI and we’re in Road Town, Tortola. Lots to explore! We’ll get to it all. For our trip to the Baths, we ferried over to Virgin Gorda and started with a tour around the island.

Hopping onto the ferry's shuttle
Look out
Off into the distance


We stopped at an old copper mine site.

Say Cheese!

All the limestone there was pretty cool. The views were treacherous, especially when hubs told me he went out all the way out there once! But then, it was off to the Baths! Pit stop for a quick lunch while listening to munchkin nag us about wanting to go in the pool.

Now, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I didn’t do any googling beforehand and when people say baths in Jamaica, you think of a hot spring or a river with a mineral bath or something of the sort. This, was nothing like that. This was better! It was like an obstacle course of HUGE boulders along the shoreline creating caves, covered pools, little crawl holes and lots of adventure. It was so cool!

It sure was some exercise! And to think, there was more! We didn’t even explore it all. I can’t wait to go back. Our reward at the end of all the climbing…

We were all truly beat after all that plus the sun! BVI is gorgeous so far and we’ve only just begun! There’s lots more pics in this public album on Facebook!

Isn’t it truly gorgeous? Have you ever been to the BVI? Where do you suggest I go next?

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  1. I saw one little pic and knew it was somewhere I wanted to see…and your description makes me want to see it even more….one day I’ll get to the BVI!!!