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The pictures have begun to pop up on Facebook so lets get into the fashion! These that I will use for this post are all from Infuzion Inc’s facebook page.

I think this was my favourite dress of the night. It’s by Zadd and Eastman of Trinidad and Tobago who I remember from past CFWs for their vibrant colours. This year’s collection did not disappoint. More from them:

This was Hope Wade’s signature piece. Jaunel did it justice. It’s very regal. Hope Wade had two designs that I could have seen myself in:

I love everything about these two outfits.

This white piece is by Jae Jolly and I really really really like it. Why? Well I tried on something similar from in white and loved how it looked on me. 😀 I would reach out to purchase it but somehow I can already hear the million dollar price in my head.  Thinking about it….

That was the overall feeling I got from the Jae Jolly line. Cute boutique pieces that were ready to wear. Two more:

Milkayah Laijah had a very edgy, leathery kinda feel to the line.

This piece reminded me of a boxer coming out to fight in his robe…

And this piece looks like something I’d wear in my bedroom with some whips and chains. RAWR #norihanna

This piece looks like me.

Of course they’d put the model with the boobs in the double stick tape right? LOL

These dresses are from a line called Shaco, a line I almost completely overlooked until I saw these two. These are lovely. Sophistication. Glamour. And I love that green neck piece on the gold dress. It was really what caught my eye.

Lets pause for a second and admire this fine specimen. God is good. All the time. He’s wearing Lisa Walton. Not that you or I noticed he had on clothes…………… *cues d’angelo’s how does it feel*

Mission Catwalk winner Shenna Carby showed her line Saturday night and threw a wedding dress in the mix. I’ve seen many ladies comment on her facebook page that they’d like her to design their wedding dress so this was an excellent chance to showcase her talents and secure more business. The dress is gorgeous.

I am not a fan of dropped waists anything but I know some women love it. What I love was the pick up style and the details on the front. Really nice. It was great to see the line again up close, you already know I love this ombre dress…I found another one from the line that i liked…


I had issues with the organisation of the show as always. Pulse can never seem to get it all the way right. Then I can also see why they never manage to bring anyone as bigger then Joe to perform. With the current performance set up it would never work. They would have serious security issues as the ladies couldn’t keep themselves from jumping all over him. Besides every year the performers tell Pulse that they can’t hear their tracks well from the front of the stage but that has never changed. My baby-daddy in my head Machel Montano however was well received. He turned the place into carnival central complete with congo lines and gyrating. They should stick to this kinda show! 🙂

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