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Kerry-Ann Clarke, Lubica, Film Director Nile Saulter, Judith Denton of Audi, Film Director Storm Saulter, Christina Taylor of Wyndham and Kibwe Mcgann project director

Yesterday I was invited to attend the launch of The Collections, an initiative of Kerry-Ann Clarke of Kerry manwomanhome. This project seeks to promote the business of fashion, fostering sales of emerging Jamaican fashion designers in the form of intimate trunk shows following exclusive runway shows. Did you get that? I’ll let her explain it for you:

 Not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries of fashion, THE COLLECTIONS is the brainchild of Kerry. It was conceptualised with the intention of creating a platform that showcased emerging design talents while simultaneously promoting the business of fashion. This season, fashion brands embraced fashion film like never before, and in keeping with global trends, Kerry seized the opportunity of announcing the launch of THE COLLECTIONS, to coincide with the premiere of BEYOND – a fashion film by Lubica.

Unique to THE COLLECTIONS, is the final-day Trunk show that is intended to encourage sales and afford the designers an opportunity to meet and interact with their consumers. THE COLLECTIONS invites the fashion conscious individual who has a sophisticated fashion palate to indulge in this ‘Passion for Fashion’.

As mentioned above, The Collections coincides with Lubica’s fashion film titled Beyond. We got to see a little sneak peak of the film and I was definitely left wanting more. There was love, drama, beautiful Jamaica and of course fabulous fashion. There’s a teaser of the film on Kerry manwomanhome’s Facebook page. Lubica spoke of the film and the line that will be launched of the same name:

BEYOND- Director: Storm & Nile Saulter “Looking for inspiration…looking for love…one has to look beyond the obvious/ordinary. What is accepted? What is expected? What is love? If love is all you need and love is the ultimate truth…why do we put limits on love? Why is it OK to love one person but not OK to love another? Why do factors like age, race, social background and sex matters when it comes to love? Why do we judge love? Sometimes we just have to see BEYOND…” – Lubica

Inspired by LUBICA Summer Collection: BEYOND The BEYOND collection reflects the easy, chic Lubica style with more sophistication than ever before. In this mainly black and white collection, with splashes of color, Lubica introduces new fabrics and styles to her line. Inspired by life, the BEYOND collection is perfect for all occasions.

“When going through life’s tribulations we tend to see things in black and white but there is so much more to focus on. After every storm the sun comes out again. Out of negative comes positive. The most important thing is our attitude and seeing BEYOND the black and white” – Lubica

How very apt. Audi has partnered with Lubica in a most enviable way, putting her behind the wheels of a brand spanking new Audi A1 for the next six months. How fabulous. Audi is aligning itself as a top choice for the fashionable business exec, sponsoring fashion initiatives around the world and they have come on board to partner with The Collections and Beyond.

Anthony Desnoes makes the Presentation of the Audi A1 to Lubica

The Collections will feature the designs of Red Carter, a high end swimwear line out of New York, top of the line Jamaican design Spokes Apparel by Dexter Huxtable and of course the new collection Beyond from Lubica. I will be on hand to snap the images and bring you all the fabulousness and I’m very excited to be at the trunk show to speak with the designers, though as it is all high end, I probably won’t be doing much shopping, but you should come! 😀

The trunk show will be held June 15 at Kerry manwomanhome, 18 South Ave, Kingston 10. What do you think of this initiative? Is it a good way to boost sales of our local fashion designers? Would you attend the trunk shows and shop?

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