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So I noticed that Rebecca Stirm will be one of the designers showing at Wedding Spectacular this weekend and I remember that name causing quite a buzz from the last season of Mission Catwalk, so I decided to click on over to her facebook page to get familiar. I immediately liked what I saw!


That’s quite a dress, but let’s talk about that location? That’s an actual night spot in Belize! How cool, I’d love to have dinner right there. Anyway, I like the attention to detail and use of colour by Rebecca

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She seems very talented at draping, a skill that’s hard to get right. I love this burgundy dress and the styling with the teal and I love the braiding on the green dress! Couldn’t you see yourself in that for something formal? How about your bridesmaids?

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Rebecca seen here with our International supermodel Jaunel McKenzie at Caribbean Fashion Week as a part of the Mission Catwalk series. I spoke with Rebecca by phone just now and she’s so excited to be back in Jamaica

“It’s like a second home for me since I was here with Mission Catwalk. It’s like a homecoming”

I asked her what she had planned for today and she said “I want to hit the beach, Hellshire or Bull Bay, we’ll see what happens when Chantae wakes up”

It’s so uncommon to here visitors speak about Bull Bay isn’t it? I wish I could take off and join them right now! The Chantae she speaks of is Miss Belize 2012 Chantae Guy, seen here in one of Rebecca’ designs


She has made the trip here to Jamaica with Rebecca and will walk the catwalk in Rebecca’s fashion show at Wedding Spectacular. What can we expect from Rebecca this weekend?

“it will be my newest collection, an African inspired collection of cocktail and evening gowns, something more for the honeymoon than the actual wedding. There will be one wedding gown at the end”

African inspired? I cannot wait! I like that more fashion has been included this year and that I won’t be bombarded by Wedding Dresses at every turn. Are you excited for Wedding Spectacular this weekend? I’m officially on board as the main blogger for this event so look out for me! I’m about to release some tickets on my Facebook page too! Hope you’ve liked my page 🙂


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