By now, if you’re a Jamaican tweeter, you know that Kingston hotel Jamaica Pegasus hosted a little over 100 of their followers at their hotel for a “tweetup,” a twitter meet up if you will. I’ve thus far read about 4 blog posts on the Jamaica Pegasus tweetup itself but I still wanted to blog about it from a business aspect, not just describing how much fun it was and how cool the Pegasus is.

Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup

With Kirk of

I appreciated this event because it was slated to start early and end early. As a new mom, I really do appreciate these events so much. I feel as if my little one should wake up in the middle of the night, it should be to her mommy and no one else. I also really liked the fact that it was a gathering of totally fresh faces, people that I have never seen before and maybe wouldn’t have met had it not been for Twitter and this gathering. Sometimes you get tired of the same old crowd and this was one of the reasons I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

But like fellow blogger and tweeter, madbull asked on Stunner’s blog post, what’s the benefit to the Pegasus for hosting such an event? Afterall, how much of us will be booking rooms with the hotel? At first, I wasn’t too concerned with this. Free booze and free food in a relaxing atmosphere is not something to be questioned! But my marketing degree and frame of mind would not let me leave such a question unanswered.

Public Relations Benefits of the Jamaica Pegagus Tweetup

Apart from the ripple effects of the word-of-mouth advertising, blog posts and tweets about this event, I’m sure it will be covered in the local media, which can be quite expensive to advertise in. A story, as opposed to an ad, is so much more valuable in a consumer’s mind. The PR reach is valuable here and will be much deeper than any ad campaign. Also, while many of the tweetup’s patrons probably won’t be utilising the hotel’s rooms, if we ever were to plan an event for our corporate entities,  the Jamaica Pegasus will be high on our list of possible hosts as they proved themselves quite capable of executing excellent gatherings whether social, professional or a mix of the two. Corporate bookings I am quite sure, ranks high as a core product for a hotel in the heart of the business capital, behind maybe only room bookings.

The Jamaica Pegasus has an excellent marketing team that knows the real value of social media and are milking it for all its worth. The cost of hosting the event is far outweighed by the amount of valuable press they will be getting from it. A “google-able” review by a customer can actually be much more valuable than an ad with a shelf life.

More information on the tweetup itself can be found on the blogs of my new friends: Stunner, Jamaipanese and Gordon Swaby and don’t forget to follow me and the Jamaica Pegasus on Twitter.


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