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Jamaica Food and Drink Festival 2015
There’s something called the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival and it is happening THIS weekend! The foodie in me is extremely excited to check out this addition to the local festival lineup and see what the organisers have planned. Jamaica has a bunch of food festivals that celebrate our rich culinary culture and they happen all throughout the year. Off the top of my head, I can think of the seafood festival, the jerk festival, the curry festival and yes, even the weed festival. Then, there’s Kingston Kitchen which goes a step further to highlight different restaurants and food suppliers in the city. The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival 2015 is the first 4 day festival with several different themed events happening over the course of the event. The organisers had this to say:

As a brand, Jamaica resonates with international audiences well beyond its actual square footage – our music, our speak, our creativity, our food, all continue to grab global attention.

The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival was inspired by this audacious, pervasive cultural energy that has translated into the bold flavours of our cuisine and the pungent, heady sensibilities of our spirits.

We already have events with global reach that celebrate our music, films and fashion, even our herbs, so we thought, why not showcase our gastronomic ingenuity and boost our tourism product while we’re at it by adding to our ever growing list of Jamaican festivals.. And voila! The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival was born.

The lineup, looks something like this:

Jamaica Food and Drink Festival 2015

If I had to choose events, for me it would be Crisp and Red, White and You. I know many people are looking forward to the Pork Palooza, I totally get that. I however am not a huge pork fan so I would skip this one. Unless the pork is fried to a crisp! I love everything fried, obviously, and so I cannot wait to see what fantastical treats are served up at Crisp!

Crisp, a Jamaica Food and Drink Festival 2015 Event

I had a look at the Crisp menu and real tears streamed down my face. REAL figurative tears. I can’t wait. Now you see why my diet and healthy lifestyle way of life ALWAYS gets sidetracked. Food is just so beautiful, especially when deep fried to a crisp! Are you planning to check out this event? The website has all the details you’ll need and if you see me at Crisp being greedy, just smile and nod!



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