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You already know how much my family is a huge fan of Bob Marley, my daughter was named after him. So when the premiere was set for Emancipation Park, it was never an if, but a what time would I go. I’m so happy I was able to bring out my pops and make it a true family event because that is exactly the feeling the park evoked that evening: family. It was like one big family gathering with everybody laying out on the lawns.

How gorgeous are these aerial pictures that Ishango took! He’s quite creative! Munchkin was losing her mind, she was so happy to be out and about and frolicking with clowns in the carnival-like atmosphere. I thought she’d be afraid of the clowns but not my munchkin!

You know how you watch those movies and see couples going out on dates to the park to see old films? That’s exactly the type of feeling I got from this park. I felt like I was in a cheesy JLo movie with my blanket and my popcorn milling around with my friends and family. Bob Marley’s music was floating through the air and we were chowing down on jerked chicken and hot dogs.

She went crazy for this light up ball thing. Soon it was movie time! Minister of Parliament and former Miss World brought greetings from the Prime Minister. Black don’t crack! This woman is so beautiful!

She spoke about how fitting it was for this movie to be premièring in Emancipation Park and how perfect the timing is since this is Jamaica’s 50th year of independence.

The film’s director Kevin MacDonald joked about how nervous he was about premièring the film here in Jamaica, the great man’s home country.

Bob Marley’s widow Rita Marley said a few words. She’s so graceful. It struck me in the movie just how great friends she and Cindy Breakspeare must have been. The wife of Bob Marley, Rita and his mistress Cindy were there with him every step of the way. We all know there are a bunch of other baby mothers around the globe but Rita and Cindy were like sister-wives it seemed. I couldn’t help the super side eye that was on my face as Cindy broke down the night when Bob had to cut his hair as he went through his cancer ordeal. Cindy is so beautiful though, two Miss Worlds in one location!

Sharon Marley (Rita’s daughter that Bob adopted) Rohan Marley and Cedella Marley. It was great to see his children representing. I agree with Afrobella’s review of the movie and really wished we had heard from more of the kids. That comment Rita made in the movie about melanoma being a white people disease didn’t sit well with much of the audience here in Jamaica too. We all gave her the super side eye. It was so much fun to watch this movie with fellow Jamaicans. You know how fun it is to watch a good movie at Carib Cimena! When Bunny Wailer illustrated for us exactly what a reggae beat was we went crazy! I won’t give out any more spoilers but it was so much fun. Even when rained threatened to run us all off the lawns we stayed put and the rain went away!

Have you seen it yet? It opens at Palace Cinemas today! Go see! It is a must see for every Jamaican and I wish the whole world would go! I had read a lot of this stuff already but seeing it brought it to a whole new level. Especially those last few days of his life. And his rise to dominance! And his trip to Africa! Seeing his “cultlike” white following was a little funny and how hard he worked to reach a black audience is inspiring. He was selling out stadiums packed with white people but that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to reach his people. He opened for smaller acts just to reach them. And I was in awe.

“Possessions make you rich? I don’t have those types of riches; my riches are life.” “My life is only important if I can help plenty of people.” – Bob Marley

Much more pics over at Skkan and Ishango.

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