Technically I’m not single…but I’m in an LDR so I’m definitely living the single mom’s life and the weekend drill is way different as a single momma from that of what I’m used to. Back in the old days, my Friday evenings would be spent at a sports bar or some other weekly hang out and my Saturday night at some party or other event. Now…my friends don’t even call me up no more. Them raggedy heffas. Its cool though, after spending all day with an almost toddler you really have no energy to go stand in nobody’s hot, smoky ass club in 5 inch heels all night. How did I used to do it???

I do not miss the party scene. Old age and/or kids will…or should…definitely do that to you. Now its all about kid friendly events or hosting kalooki nights in-house. My last three weekends, this one included, have not involved me leaving my house and I absolutely love it. I watched some telly, caught up on some blogs, visited my favourite celeb gossip and fashion sites and now I’m writing this post. Oh and I cooked lunch and seasoned tommorow’s dinner. That was quite an accomplishment, munchkin napped long enough for me to get that in.
My munchkin’s birthday is coming up this Wednesday and we will be relaxing on a beach somewhere eating fried fish and festivals. My favourite dish of all time. Of course there will be baby cake smashing involved. Whats a birthday without a cake? Marley loves cake. Ok…Marley loves food. The only thing I found that she isn’t quite fond of is fried ripe plantains…but we’ll have to fix that!

Anyway this proud mama wanted to share this video of my little walkie-talkie. She went from sitting as soon as you let go of her hands to full on walking in the space of maybe two weeks. All before her first birthday too. *big grin*

Ok no video…I feel weird about posting videos of her….all my life out there on twitter, facebook and this blog and now I feel reserved…gotta draw the line somewhere I guess…

Anyhoo this is her dancing to the beat of her own image in the mirror…teehee


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