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The Yahdie Conscious GlamHEAD Trunk Show

Though quite late, I managed to make it out to the trunk show over the weekend and I was so happy I did! I was introduced to a variety of headbands to jazz up my teeny weeny afro and help me get through “the awkward stage” although I have a sudden urge to shave my head a la Cassie 😐

Anyway, I met the lovely designer Jami Spence on arrival and she graciously snapped my pics as I tried different headbands…these are a few that I loved:

You’ll forgive my greasy face in these pics. It was late and I didn’t really think through being my own model for this post but hey. I loved this headband. For several reasons. I love the width of it, those days when you’re edges just aren’t cooperating, this will get the job done. I love the fabric (it has a little stretch and feels satiny) and the pattern and I really love the embellishment she added. Looks kinda….vintage? Eastern? Antique? Whatever it is, I loved it.

I tried to rock this and a few others like the cool kids have been rocking them, across the forehead, but alas, I am not a cool kid. Not sure I could pull this look off. I’d have to stop smiling so much and throw some Naomi attitude.. I loved it as a regular headband though:

I’m totally feeling my henna highlights in this pic! I want moar! moar!

How about this one…you guys like? Has a cutesy doily feeling…I quite liked. anything cutesy is me, you know that. Fierce I am not.

This one was a little overwhelming. I love the idea but maybe in this dark blue with pola dots? You can already see how much I love polka! Heehee

Trying again to be cool. It really just wasn’t happening for me. But I LOVE this sparkly one! Isn’t it glam?

This one was my absolute favourite. It’s one long stretch braid that I wrapped around three times. I could totally see me getting this in other colours. There was another one that came with three ties made to create this kinda look I guess, but as you can tell from my face, I wasn’t really feeling it.

There was a whole lot more, I just picked out a few I loved.  Get your GlamHEAD pieces here. Are you loving the GlamHEAD line? Do you like the ones I picked out?

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