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An excited Theodore Elyett tweets Saturday night after it was revealed on the season finale that he had won Mission Catwalk season 3. I tried to keep up this season to give you episode recaps but they took way too long to upload each episode to youtube and I could never catch it on local TV so I gave up. But from those very first two episodes that I watched, there was something about Theodore that I liked. He was very talented and knew what he was doing for sure, but his humility and the way in which he accepted criticism from the show’s mentor with grace made him an instant fave for me. Technical know-how and business savvy will get you success, but the right attitude will take you to the top. My favourite piece from his final collection has to be this dress that starts out one way and gives you a bang:

Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013 Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013

That is AWESOME! I love it. I love the dress on it’s own without the added poncho drama, but added drama is so very necessary sometimes. Admittedly, I still haven’t actually watched this episode because duh, it’s not yet uploaded onto youtube, however, I can tell that the collections were supposed to have a London feel. On twitter this dress was dubbed “The Adele” and I can certainly see why.

Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013

Of course, it would probably have to be black to actually get Adele into it but it is very lovely. The prizes for Mission Catwalk included a scholarship to a London Fashion College as well as the opportunity to show a collection at London Fashion Week so I’m sure this influenced the collections from the final three designers. Here are a couple more looks from the collection:

Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013 Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013 Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013 Theodore Elyett wins Mission Catwalk 2013

Congratulations to Theodore Elyett, carrying the Bahamas flag proudly. The runner up was also from the 242 islands, big tings a gwaan over deh! What are your thoughts on his collection and the show?

Pictures from Mission Catwalk.

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