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Toss andRoll, new salad bar in Kingston Jamaica

One of the lovely ladies from the Zumba group Z Crew 876 has opened a salad bar with her husband and her sis and I am here for it! It’s called Toss and Roll and it’s located in the Small Business Association complex on the corner of Trafalgar and Lady Musgrave Road. I made a stop there recently to check out the offerings: 

Are you still on Vine? This is the one thing that it has over IG videos, the ability to embed. But I digress…

I was treated to a shrimp wrap and a green tea cooler on my visit. I had it with a hot mango sauce and it was yummy! It was also so affordable! They have a combo of a wrap and a small salad that’s just $800 and that’s a great deal! Check out their full menu:

Toss and Roll Salad Bar Kingston Jamaica

I’m totally digging the variety of ingredients. Salads are tossed right before you as you order so you can build it any which way you want! Cranberries and pico de gallo for me please! I look forward to the day that more variety of greens are offered too, I’ll take my salad with spinach and kale too please. I also had a green tea cooler which is the most refreshing thing on a hot day! There’s no sugar in it, it’s blended with fruit to sweeten and then more fruit is added in, making it pretty yummy!

Green Tea Cooler at Toss and Roll

They also deliver to the Kingston Metro area so that’s great for those days when you absolutely can’t move from your desk. We all have them. Have you been to Toss and Roll as yet? How’d you like it? Haven’t been? What are you waiting for! Go grab something filling, healthy and yummy on the go!

Wrap and Salad at Toss and Roll Kingston Jamaica

Check out the Toss and Roll Facebook page here.

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