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The full moon is apparently a big deal here in the BVI. Why? I didn’t question it, any reason you give me to party, I nod my head and shake my groove thing. So every month, twice in a blue moon, there’s a party happening to celebrate the full moon at various locations. This month I decided to check out the party at Trellis Bay. Their’s is a fireball party as there’s a pretty awesome artist who does pretty awesome art at his studio and gallery in Trellis Bay and his signature piece is a copper fireball with stories cut out in the ball. Every full moon, these copper structures are lit up and become the centerpiece of the party. The artist’s name is Aragorn and I think he deserves his own post as his stories and his work is pretty awesome so for now I’ll just focus on the party. There was promise of an awesome buffet and local entertainment so we headed out expecting a fun-filled evening. 

My attempt at capturing the full moon:

When we got there around 8:30pm, the buffet was wrapping up already so we skipped dinner and headed for the bar. I was pretty bummed about missing out though, I’ve had the Famous Amazing Sandwich at the Trellis Bay Kitchen and it was amazing indeed. Salmon, bell peppers, secret sauce, awesome stuff. 😀 The ambiance was just what I was hoping for, live band, people mingling, the beach only a few steps away, drinks flowing. 🙂 There’s no party I favour more than a beach party and though I was sure this would be different than the ones I’m accustomed to back home in Jamaica, I was looking forward to the experience.  There was a fireball already on land with a tame fire going:

And people were all about dancing on the dance floor, sitting and chatting with friends, laying out in hammocks, milling around taking pics and kids climbed about in the trees.

Moko jumbies. The people on stilts in costumes. That’s what they’re called here in the BVI and other Caribbean countries. While we have them in Jamaica as well at our festivals and other cultural events, I’ve never heard that name before. The band is behind them playing up a storm, which of course included a few Bob Marley covers and some well known soca/calypso songs and the dance floor was packed. With a bushwacker (my new favourite drink here, a coconut milky, amaretto-ey, yummy cocktail) in hand, we milled around and took in the sights and sounds.

Soon it was time to light up the fireballs! These were about 5 feet or so out in the water so it was supposed to appear as fire floating on the water. Very cool. You won’t truly get the effect in these pics 🙁 It was awesome!

I’ll include some daytime pics so you can see what the atmosphere was working with:

The three copper structures that were lit

One of the bars and the seating area for the buffet

Out in the bay. There were of course lots more boats out that night

I’ve got lots more to share but this post is already pretty image heavy so I’ll break it up into bits. It was a fun filled evening, definitely worth a return.

I hear there’s a pretty wild full moon party at Bomba’s Shack. The kind I’ll have to find a sitter for munchkin and prepare to see some body parts! Sounds like back in my Negril weekend days! Bring on the tequila!

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