I’m not a slave to trends or designers and unlike my friend and fellow blogger DW of Plaids and Stripes, I can’t spot a designer’s wears on a model or celeb and identify it or even come close. I do love the glitz and glamour of fashion week and I keep my eyes on the blogs to see what they’re liking and not liking and try to identify trends and pieces coming out of the shows so that I can incorporate what I like into my wardrobe.

Here are a few common themes coming out of NYFW that just wrapped:

The BCBG Max Azria picture above covers several trends – geometric prints, tribal prints and bright pants. I love love love anything with any kind of print except maybe garden florals so I am all for it. I love all three dresses above! I just bought another tribal print dress a la Forever 21 so I’m happy that the trend is continuing. Bright pants however are not my cup of tea. I have seen it done well in Hollywood but I think I’ve been turned off by how Jamaicans do bright pants. It’s never a pretty look. Never.

More bright pants from J. Crew. Colour blocking will also continue to trend and I can’t say I’m mad at that. I love to colour block! Polka dots turned up on a few runways and this made me so happy! I LOVE polka dots!

The pastels and prints are all so beautiful! I love fashion week! I need to be there one day showing my collection 😉

Looky what I found on Forever 21…a cute polka dot casual look 😀

*thinking man pose*

Pictures from Fashion Critic, she’s got this whole fashion week thing down.


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