Last night was my office party and I decided to rock animal print since its trending this season. I knew it was a risk because the theme of the party was silver and black and when you go with trends, the chances are greater that someone will be in the same thing as you. Narrow it further with a theme and you’re asking for trouble. But I found this dress online and I fell in love with it and decided to rock it anyway.

A couple years back, someone actually did end up in the same exact dress as me at one of these office parties. Thats what happens when you buy locally, Kingston is but so many people and so many stores. So this time around I prepared by shopping online, however there were quite a few people in some kind of animal print last night and one chic even had on pink shoes with hers as well. Sometimes tho…its you. Its all about you. And when you’re feeling yourself as much as I was last night…nothing can shade that shine. Every now and then you may find yourself in a “who wore it best” situation and your “swagger” is what will give you your edge. Plus the arm candy was loving my outfit too…you know that helps 😉

Last night there was no one in my dress, but a couple people came close to the print. Matters not…I was hot.

I kept wishing it was shorter tho. That there’s my inner hoochie tryna peek out…


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